About the Company

Established in 1985, NIKON Home Appliances has evolved from being a modest wallclock factory to becoming a well recognized and much loved local home appliance brand that it is today. Situated in a 22 Hectare property 10 minutes from Manila exit along the NLEX or North Luzon Expressway, NIKON Home Appliances operates its own plastics and metal forming factory, locally producing all it's metal and plastic components such as fan grill and ring manufaturing while maintaining its numerous assembly lines to supply the growing market demand. Such advantage makes it easy for NIKON Home Appliances to be more flexible and dynamic to cope with customers' specifications and adapt to the ever changing trends of the world market.

NIKON Home Appliances wide array of products include appliances that give comfort and convenience to the home like electric fans, wallclocks, rice cookers, gas stoves, flat irons, oven toasters, blenders, jug kettles, rechargeable lights, water jugs and water dispensers.

NIKON Home Appliances own quality assurance department designs, develops and integrates designs from other countries with local consumer's preference in design, colors and funtionality. The company's strict adherence to the BPS (Bureau of Philippine Standards) regulation is consistently monitored to guard consumer safety as well as to make certain of product compliance to internationaly accepted quality standards.

NIKON Home Appliances likewise provides a 1 to 5 year warranty on its various products to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and continuously improves its internal processes and procedures to ensure that only the best product comes out of its factory and into a Filipino home deserving only the best that NIKON Home Appliances can provide.

Now in its 27th year, NIKON Home Appliances, through its own 3C Distributors International Incorporated company, continues to serve the growing demand of the Filipino consumers. NIKON Home Appliances items are available only in all leading appliance centers nationwide.

All the best from us here at NIKON HOME APPLIANCES!